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Each massage or Reiki session is custom tailored to fit your needs.  If what yourequire or request is outside our scope of practice, we will be happy to refer you to other licensed therapists who can accommodate you.
Swedish Massage With Optional Hot Stones (Cynthia Cinquina)
Experience a relaxing massage while you improve the overall health and well being of your body's systems.  This massage is perfect for those who want to relieve stress and tension.  Hot stones may be added to a Swedish massage for an additional ten (10) dollars. For more information about Swedish massage, click here.
Deep Tissue Massage With Optional Hot Stones (Cynthia Cinquina)
This massage works the deeper layers of muscle tissue and is great for relieving tightly contracted muscles and adhered connective tissue.  Newcomers to deep tissue massage are encouraged to start slowly and become acclimated. Hot stones may be added to a deep tissue massage for an additional ten (10) dollars.  For more information about deep tissue massage, click here.
Hot Stone Massage (Cynthia Cinquina)
The use of hot stones for healing dates back to ancient times, and hot stone massage is a technique applied to both Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy. Hot stones may be added to a Swedish or deep tissue massage with Cynthia for an additional ten (10) dollars. For more information on hot stone massage, click here.

Reiki (Cynthia Cinquina)
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  For more information on Reiki, click here.

Aromatherapy (Cynthia Cinquina)
Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy with highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion. If there are no contraindications, we offer aromatherapy at no extra charge.  For more information on aromatherapy, click here.

Orthopedic Massage  (may include Hot stones, Kinesiotaping, or Dynamic Cupping (Joe Cinquina)
Recommended for chronic pain and complicated medical conditions - includes assessment, treatment session (if hot stones, kinesiotape, or dynamic cupping are used, there is no extra charge), self-care recommendations and a treatment plan. Personal Injury Insurance is accepted.  Joe Cinquina holds a certification in Orthopedic Massage, is a Certified Kinesiotaping Specialist, and has received training in Dynamic Cupping.  For more information about orthopedic massage and kinesiotaping, click here.

Kinesiotaping (Joe Cinquina)

Kinesiotaping is a complementary adjunct to massage, and is performed at the end of a massage treatment. It is not offered as a stand-alone treatment, and is only available when appropriate during an orthopedic massage session. Joe Cinquina is a Certified Kinesiotaping Specialist. For more information about kinesiotaping click here.

Dynamic Cupping (Joe Cinquina)

Dynamic cupping is painless and leaves no marks. The therapist applies gentle suction while gliding the cup across the skin using massage movements. It is used to release fascial adhesions, reduce painful trigger points, increase local circulation of blood and lymph, relieve pain, and promote mobility and range of motion. It is included at no charge when administered as part of an orthopedic massage session, and is also available as a stand-alone appointment for a per-session fee. For more information about dynamic cupping, click here.

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The length of your appointment includes time for an interview and assessment prior to beginning the massage.  Clients who arrive late will forfeit an equivalent amount of table time.  This is necessary in order to keep the next client from being delayed.  Swedish and deep tissue massages in our office may include your choice of available aromatherapy at no extra charge. Orthopedic massages may include the use of hot stones at no extra charge.
Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage with Cynthia Cinquina

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60 minutes - $75 (Hot stones add $10)
Receive either a general bodywork session or address selected areas with extra attention as you choose. Hot stones add ten (10) dollars.
90 minutes - $105 (Hot stones add $10)
Receive a general bodywork session and address selected areas with extra attention as you choose. Hot stones add ten (10) dollars.

Reiki with Cynthia Cinquina (purchase eGiftcards)
60 minutes - $65

Orthopedic Massage with Joe Cinquina (PIP clients)
$30 per 15-minute unit if insurance is filed, maximum of three units. We recommend that you extend your benefits by paying at the time of service and filing for reimbursement.

Orthopedic Massage with Joe Cinquina (non-PIP clients)
$45 per 30-minute session

$85 per 60-minute session

$120 per 90-minute session  

Kinesiotaping with Joe Cinquina

Not available as a stand-alone treatment. There is no charge when applied during an orthopedic massage appt.

Dynamic Cupping with Joe Cinquina

$25 per 15 minute session as a stand-alone treatment.

There is no charge when applied during an orthopedic massage appointment.

Because we respect your privacy, our services are confidential and discreet.  However, please do not ask any member of our staff for services that are not available at any other reputable wellness center or spa.  We do not offer erotic services of any kind, and any attempt to sexualize a session will result in immediate termination of the appointment without a refund.